We want to make website ownership attainable for all businesses. Creating a website in only the beginning though, a website needs to be maintained and upgraded as technology and your business advance. We understand that not every business owner has the expertise, capital or time to create and maintain a top-shelf site. So we’ve tailored our services to ensure that we can help just about every business owner provide a viable Internet presence. We offer things such as free quotes, website financing and bundled hosting & maintenance to soften the blow on your resources as much as possible.


  1. We produce no obligation, no cost demo sites

Firstly, at no cost to you, we will put together a mockup of the website we would create for you so you can see and feel it firsthand. All the bells and whistles may not be present but it will have enough for you know how the finished product will look. At this point you have the choice of whether you want to move forward or part ways. Once again this process is nonobligatory and only if you’re satisfied you choose to continue doing business with us. Should you decide to move forward we discuss payment plans - which brings us to the next point.


  1. Flexible payment options - website financing

We understand that, especially with fledgling businesses, capital might not be in abundance at the onset. This is why we offer financing options where we allow you to pay for the production of the site over time. Once fully paid for, the only fees after that would be monthly hosting and yearly domain name charges. This drastically lowers the entry bar for small businesses.


  1. Bundled hosting and maintenance

Once your site is hosted with us, we bundle your hosting and maintenance fees. So basically we try our best to give you one low monthly fee that covers not only website hosting but changes and upgrades you may need throughout the month. This also makes maintaining a website very affordable.


We are trying our very best to make owning a website extremely affordable. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can make things happen for you. Check us on:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cirinternational/

Whatsapp: 242-395-5921

Email: ciroberts@cirintl.com


We look forward to serving you!