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What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages that pop up on (very commonly mobile) computing devices that are initiated by either installed apps or previously visited websites.

Why are push notifications used?

Push notifications are used as a direct way to convey short bursts of information to device owners even if the app or website they are originating from is not being actively viewed or used. They don’t get caught in spam filters or buried in inboxes. Their engagement rate is also very high because they are so prominently displayed. They can be used to promote products, give vital updates, send receipts, drive users to other marketing channels like social media, improve customer service and the list goes on.

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Why are they so effective?

Apart from being so conspicuous and "in-your-face", another big reason they are so effective is because they aren’t totally unexpected. Everyone receiving the notifications has, at one point, opted in to receive them. Thus, the list of recipients won’t necessarily be annoyed by receiving messages they had previously selected to receive.

How do they appear to users?

On many devices, push notifications show up as a banner or pop-up alert. The alert shows no matter what the user is doing. Most operating systems show push notifications together is a single view ordered chronologically. The full list of notifications can normally be accessed amongst regular phone notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen.

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How do we allow you to leverage push notifications to market your business?

We make it possible for local Bahamian businesses to send push notification advertising messages to our network reach of nearly 75,00 local devices. Imagine your business promotions instantly broadcast to thousands of local devices! Not only can we craft the message for you but, when your ad is clicked, we can set up an attractive lead capture page for prospective leads to enter their contact information so they can receive more information from you. This information is gathered by us and made available for you in spreadsheet format for you to utilize in your marketing efforts. All of this and more we can bundle together for your next advertising campaign.

Get a test push notification! And more info...

If you'd like, ask us to send you a test push notification so you can see the format of what your future customers would see.

If push notification advertising seems like it can fit into your marketing program, let's begin tailoring a marketing campaign for your next project.

eMail: sales@cirintl.com right now to begin.