Digital Signage Solutions

We offer full support for our range of products, including regular maintenance, updates and even graphic work for putting together your signs. We can custom tailor a package that can suit your needs perfectly. Whether you have an in-house graphics team or you need someone to take full control of your displays, we are able to get the job done for you!


Full touch commercial digital displays


Different Tablet SizesFor your business, regular consumer tablets and displays just won’t cut it! We offer full touch commercial tablet displays in many different sizes ranging from as small as 8” all the way up to 55” to make sure you get your message across in practically any environment. Our tablets can handle the rigorous requirements of a commercial setting such as extreme hours of operation and the jostling of massive traffic flow. So whether you need a smaller, more personal 10.1” tablet to update customers in close quarters like payment wickets or a large 55” display to alert and interact with a wide range of people on a daily basis – we’ve got you covered. We have displays that can work for just about any commercial project.

All-in-one tower displays


All in one tower1


Have a product that needs showcasing? Our all-in-one tower display is the ultimate tool to do just that! Featuring an ultra-bright LCD screen this customizable freestanding display unit will be sure to attract the attention of all who pass by. To further stand out amongst the crowd, the unit has software controlled color changing LED’s along the top and bottom edges. Not only can you change the LCD message but you can also change the display showpiece enabling the unit to reused over and over again for countless product launches and promotions. Although it has a small footprint, this unit definitely makes a big impact wherever it’s put.

 Wide variety of mountings and fixtures

variety fixtures

Whatever your requirements we have a fixture that can properly support your display. We are able to offer, in addition to our robust commercial display tablets, hardware for wall mounting, table/counter mounting, floor mounting, shelf mounting and secure mountings that can be used in a wide variety of cases. We are also able to offer ready-made kiosks and cabinets or custom develop a housing solution to suit your needs.

 Endless Aisle Kiosks


Endless aisle

Engage your customers on a totally different level! Offer unlimited products and variations through one interface. Don’t waste your valuable floor space any longer. This customizable, turn-key solution allows customers, via interactive touch, to view product options, skim your inventory and gain access to in-store only events. Give customers access to basically EVERYTHING you have to offer without actually having everything you have to offer on display. You can cross-sell, upsell and provide personalized product selections from this all-in-one retail POS solution that brings together both hardware and software to present you entire assortment of goods to customers immediately.