Electronic Shelf Pricing Labels


esl trans1

Save considerable time, manpower and money by switching to electronic shelf pricing labels. Not only are these electronic labels updated wirelessly but they also require absolutely no power to retain the image – only the change it. So one battery can last up to 5 years even if you change the price every single day.

 The labels work in conjunction with a base station that transmits to update the prices as needed. The software required to update the labels can in most cases interface with your POS software providing automatic, unattended updates without human intervention. This frees up considerable resources that can be better spent on other vital tasks.

With our system, you can purchase as little as 1 label or as many as you need. We can always tailor a program that can accommodate your specific situation whether you need us to fully manage the system or if you’d rather your team take the helm. Since the system is scalable you can add (or subtract) any amount of labels any time you want. So you can start with one aisle or just one product and add to it as you go along. Best of all we’ll support you all the way! We even have labels that can be put in chilled or wet areas.

Give us a call or email today to set up a demo or to discuss the various features our labels have to offer.